USA Diligence is always seeking additional material to add to the library, thereby enriching the reference and research capabilities. Donations and purchases of auto and race related books, magazines, periodicals, programs, photos, films and posters are always of interest (especially large and complete archives). Also of interest are those unique items that express the dedication, enthusiasm and love of the people who have participated in auto racing, directly or indirectly. These items may include scrapbooks, notes, records, trophies and other unique pieces.


USAD is always interested in locating and purchasing very unique and original vehicles, especially those with racing history. We are constantly looking and finding investment grade collector cars to purchase and sell. Finders fees paid for information leading to the location and purchase of various types of vehicles. Let us know about those cars that have been hidden away in the barn or under a tarp for the past 40 years and we will reward you! Confidentiality is expected and guaranteed. Call for further details.

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