For the equity participant, USAD's due diligence report ensures that if an issue or problem exists, you will know about it.

We offer cost-effective programs that provide comprehensive background information and extensive due diligence regarding entrepreneurs, corporations and other entities seeking investment. Clients receive a detailed report tailored to the needs of your firm, providing the facts necessary to reduce risk and increase profitability. Our process examines past business relationships, assets and hidden liabilities, criminal and civil litigation, regulatory actions, professional reputation, non-disclosure of material facts and much more. Integrated use of these reports frees up your staff so they can focus on their core competencies. In fact, due to our resources and expertise, USAD can produce effective results quicker and at less cost than you can in-house. This level of professional due diligence limits your exposure to liability, provides an objective third-party view of a candidate and keeps your professional reputation secure.


In consideration of today's fast paced business environment, USA Diligence provides custom, current and accurate information on markets, prospects, clients and competition to help you look forward. This look-forward approach is not only a defensive measure to ward off potential liability, but also an offensive measure to uncover new business opportunities. Once your concerns are identified, a research solution is custom tailored to your individual needs, time frame and budget. Information is then gathered, analyzed and presented in a manner consistent with your goals.


Since 1990, USA Diligence has been providing background checking and human resource solutions to all company sizes, from less than 10 employees to more than 5,000 employees.

Today, USAD is more than just a background checking and HR solutions company. USAD is able to provide you with the experience necessary to assist you in the hiring process. USAD professionals can help review current job descriptions and hiring policies, as well as aid in developing interview and application questions. We can also help determine what background checks apply to your business needs. We will help keep you in compliance with the state and federal laws and inform you of the regulations that govern hiring. Our expertise will help you develop an effective, legal and productive hiring process. We are focused on customizing solutions and services to meet your specific hiring needs. USAD's advanced technology and superior information management systems bring you current, accurate information quickly and easily. With USAD, you'll have the one service to meet your employment screening and HR needs. Our experience and expertise help you hire safe, honest and competent employees.

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