For the car collector, USAD's due diligence report ensures that if an issue or problem exists, you will know about it. Additionally, chain of ownership searches often turn up rare photos, films, documentation, original parts and other memorabilia. Location of these items is key to preserving and maintaining the historical significance of a collector car, not to mention increasing the value.

We offer cost-effective services that provide comprehensive background information and extensive due diligence regarding the vehicle and those in the chain of ownership. Clients receive a detailed report tailored to the needs of the vehicle, providing the facts necessary to reduce risk and increase profitability and provenence. Integrated use of these reports frees you or your staff up so you can focus on your core competencies. In fact, USAD can produce effective results quicker and at less cost than you can in-house, not to mention the ability to access databases and information not available to the general public. This level of professional due diligence limits your exposure to liability, provides an objective third-party view of the vehicle and it's history and keeps you professional reputation secure.


In consideration of today's fast paced environment, USA Diligence provides custom, current and accurate information on vehicles and drivers from around the world. Our massive in-house racing library consists of amateur and professional auto racing photographs and films, programs, entry lists, race results and news clippings. We also access the world's largest public and private motoring libraries to maintain those relationships and knowledge necessary to complete client requests in a timely and efficient manner.


Since 1990, USA Diligence has been providing vehicle location services for our private clients. Exclusivity and confidentiality are assured. Whether you are seeking a fairly common vehicle or a very prominent and rarely traded vehicle, USAD has the database and contacts necessary to locate and often times facilitate a private treaty agreement.

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